Wild food / herbalism and meditation 

Course outline :


The layout of the course will take us deeper each week , focusing on specific plants that you choose through your meditation practises , you will learn a deep meditation practise that is very powerful and can be used anytime , anywhere to commune and open your intuition to all that is ..

We will learn how to use the plants for medecine and to heal , all through direct communication with them .

Plants have been here for 1000's of years , and they have always been there for us , to help us heal and help us on our paths , its the first time in history that we have turned away from our ancestors , and one of the deepest relationships that we attune to in the natural world .This must be re-kindled , all of nature is waiting for us to come back , learn , share and imbue her wisdom .

We will start with a slow , peaceful walk for an hour and half or so , learning around 5-7 different edible plants every session , connecting with nature along the way ,stopping for lunch in the forest and making a big wild salad .

We will learn how to cook certain plants over the fire .

The rest of the time will be taken up journeying with one of these plants , doing a meditation , communing and discovering what plants can be beneficial for us personally . This can be done by asking them or simply just going for a vision walk , this is a very interesting technique that allows are higher self to come through 

If the group wishes we can camp out one or two nights in the park to sleep next to fire , one of my favourite things to do .

We will journey , meditate, interact and evolve with our connection to the earth ..gather wild food , eat a plenty and nourish ourselves emotionally , physically and spiritually ..


Subjects / Knowledge gained :


* Deep shamanic Meditation practises

*Foraging conservation and guidelines for gathering wild food 

*Journeying into your self 

*Learning how to connect with your intuition

*Learn how to talk to your body and heart 

*Know and be able to identify over 20 plants /fungi - INCLUDING MUSHROOMS, ROOTS , BERRIES AND PLANTS 

*Connection and confidence to thrive back in the wild 

*Deep nature connection


Please bring a bag or basket and warm clothing.

Payment :

Pay a deposit  of 25 or pay all in one go , to confirm your place , please send us an e mail once you have paid .


to J Tidd Co op bank 07033203 089249 

Or by paypal to bluemoon_johnny@yahoo.co.uk

Here the link: paypal.me/wildfoodevent

We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at bluemoon_johnny@yahoo.co.uk.

Or tel on : 07474159371