Bow Workshops at UK Festivals

December 29, 2016


Hello from Wildearth! This is so exciting, finally after 6 years of studying i am ready to give my knowledge out to to the world.


So just a quick word to tell you that wild earth will be at many festivals this year creating a 2 hour 'quickie' bow and arrow workshop.



This will include :

  • knife safety

  • demonstration and talk on quickie bows 

  • time so you can make your own to take home 

  • making a simple arrow

I will put up the list of festivals when I have full confirmation. The festivals are my first step to teaching professionally and the school will be in full swing by 2018. I am also running a couple of courses this summer. Sign up to the mailing list to keep informed. 


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Bow Workshops at UK Festivals

December 29, 2016