Rites of Passage for Teens

Dates to be arranged for  August 2020 soon . Subscribe to stay in touch 

Teenagers have a hard time growing up and need a outlet for their energy and frustration ! They need time alone and time in nature . This will be a 4 day weekend , testing them to their limits..teenagers want to be challenged in every way , allowing hem to solve their own mysteries and make their own desicions , either solo or with their tribe .The weekend is based on the movie , and yes there will be shooting with bows and arrows ! 

Two teams will be made , to battle it out for 2 and a half days ,and  with having to feed themselves , make fire , shelter , weapons , and win its a weekend to remember , and the best thing is that they are truly nature connected by the end of it ! 

We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at bluemoon_johnny@yahoo.co.uk.

Or tel on : 07474159371