Paleolithic events for schools
Bring history right into your classroom


Wildearthproject would love to come to your school and create a Paleolithic and Neolithic adventure for the children showcasing a number of different skills from that time , entwined with storytelling and myth .

We endeavour to share knowledge and information on hunting weapons  ( atlatl spear, throwing bolas , bows and arrows) , stone tools, cordage from plant fibres , , flint knapping  and fire lighting.

These will all be discussed with historical points and facts to back everything up. There can be some small demonstrations shown specifically on one or two of these skills, depending on where it will take place in the school . 

The subjects of food , plants and shelter will be looked at too , and the finer subjects of day to day living and thriving in the wild as a caveman in those times .

If its successful we can come back every year ..

Here is a schedule of the day :

A Q and A session will take place at the beginnning of the day about the paleolithic era , what kind of people lived in that time , what their daily chores were and how they survived the elements for so long .

5 hours of workshops approx:


Herbs and foraging wild food: There will be a lecture on what was eaten in the paleolithic era , with examples for the children to gather around in groups to look at , observe and handle some of these plants or berries or muhrooms. We will look into how they would have processed these plants for medecine or cooked them for food .


Shelter : Make a mini shelter in groups with sticks , bark and leaves , they will be able to make their own hut and we will show them how to make one - an ancient form of a wigwam .

Water filtration: We will have a live demonstration for the use of a water filtration method using sand , gravel , charcoal , and leaves or grass to make a simple yet very effective survival filter , which will clean any dirty , muddy water thoroughly. This would have been used in acient times . Again every group will be able to have a go at making one of their very own to see for themselves how it works .


Flint knapping and stone tools : Stone tools were the predominant way to accomplish many of the important and life affirming ideas of the paleo era , without the use of these tools they would have struggled or eventually died of. The craftmanship was perfected over many years , and were used for hunting , cutting, sawing amongst many other uses . The children can see me breaking rocks and making an arrowhead , from flint . They can all handle a piece of flint , banging them together to hear the famous sound of indentifying flint .

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We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

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Or tel on : 07474159371