Earth living skills - One year Foundation Course 



ttWe run a paleolithic survival school , steeped in cultural re-generation , remembering and re – connecting with ancient knowledge and wisdom accumulated from tribes and native people all over the world . The emphasis is on wilderness earth living skills .


This one year course will give you a beginners to intermediate knowledge of your place in nature , you will discover what your own personal medecine is and what gifts and talents you want to bring forth to the world and to this tribe and planet. We will cover a huge amount of subjects giving you a huge tool box and encyclopedia of knowledge, so you can go on to specialise in any of these skills as a career or just as a hobby .There will be 10 weekends of practical and hands on experiential learning , expanding our capacity to face new challenges and push through our fears of the wild and the unknown frontiers of the wilderness . Our minds and spirits will be purified and strengthened and in peace by the end of the year , with a feeling of overwhelming bliss and belonging , to the people on the course ,to all of humanity and to all the other species living with us on this earth . 

  Also its a school that is deeply woven with indigenous wisdom and spirit work. We put a great emphasis on the spirit skills that are also completely aligned with the physical skills, you cannot have one without the other we believe, that's how these teachings have been passed down .

A great deal of emphasis will be put on community living , simple tribal principals and truths that work all over the world, to keep us living in harmony with each other and the world around us . They have been tried and tested over and over again , and have been proven out to work for any human being wanting to live and co - create with all our beings on this planet .

   These skills activate character traits of self reliance, confidence, knowledge, empathy, strength and wisdom..

   Wild Earth wants to reunite the world with their birthright which is to be able to live comfortably with the earth and all the animals within it.



 Johnny Tidd has had an unquenchable thirst for this path for the last 10 years and can deliver expert advice in all of the subjects on survival, he has lived in the jungles of Mexico and has studied all over the world, with the world renowned tracker and survival teacher Tom Brown JNR , Jon Young , Ffyona Campbell for his wild food teacher training and Trackways in Sussex studying shamanism and survival  , always pushing himself further towards being able to completely thrive in the wild, which he has now accomplished. Click here for more info on Johnny Tidd

Locations: Gloucestershire and Devon

Dates : TBA  March - Oct 2021

Cost : see at bottom of page 

Who this for : Adults only 

Schedule outline : 

April : Skills learnt :

Building a shelter that can keep you warm through winter .

Sleeping in shelter.

Water purification .

Wild food abundance , wild food salads , you will leave with solid knowledge of 12-15 plants to eat .Its a wonderful time of year, and its one of the most abundant times on the calendar. Nature always provides and this walk will start to show you her beautiful miracles waiting to be unveiled to us , if we stop, look and listen .

So gather your spring step and join us for these magical walks, where we will become hunter gatherers, for a few hours , smelling ,tasting, touching this lushess land and foliage that is our birthright to know and savour.

We will start with a walk for an hour or so , learning round 7-9 plants, stop for lunch in the forest and make a big wild salad , then walk again to re-cap on what we have just found , so you will really get to know these plants and be able to I.D them again and again.

May :  Wild food abundance , wild food salads , you will leave with solid knowledge of 12-15 plants to eat .

Fire by friction , flint and steel , master fire making class, how to tend and care-take fire .

June : Spirit Philosophy 1 - Philosophy 1 will teach you how to connect with the-spirit-that-moves-through-all-things, the world of the unseen and eternal and you will learn how to interact in that world, how to know if a plants edible or medicinal, how to know where the nearest pack of deers are, how to use your body as an oracle to answer questions and many more pure but simple techniques to enrich your life, in ways you could never imagine.
This course begins our work with spirit. These teachings are the distillation of an ancient Lipan Apache lineage honed and simplified by a remarkable elder called Stalking Wolf. Stalking Wolf had a vision of finding the universal truths that run through all philosophies and religions.

July : Coastal Foraging Wild food abundance, you will leave with solid knowledge of 13-16 seaweeds to eat . Learning tracking and sign-tracking in the sand .

August : Coastal Foraging - Wild food abundance , you will leave with solid knowledge of 18-25 beach and sea estuary plants to eat . Knowledge of fishing and harvesting food from the ocean .

Advanced tracking and awareness.

Sept : Spirit Philosophy 2 :To understand and be able to work with spirit is our birthright and these simple, yet powerful techniques, can be learned by anyone. Survival is easy with spirit skills, they are a necessity for thriving in the wild .

"Stalking Wolf would take the methods he learned and try them out in the wilderness, away from the distractions of the modern world. If these methods worked in the wilderness he would incorporate them in to his practice"

The skills taught are ways that are at the heart of Shamanic practice and we will take our first steps on the path of the Shaman. These ways provide an integrated path that has grown out of and is still rooted in a deep earth connection. The practice though encompassing the use of ceremony gives us the freedom to use our skills whenever appropriate. We open a door to a lifetime's journey of learning and exploration beyond the physical.

We will find our 'medicine place', our safe place in the spirit world. From here we can start to move in the spirit, allowing us to connect more deeply with the natural world and go beyond what we are capable of on the physical level. We will learn healing techniques of spirit and life force, working with inner vision, communication with spirit , remote viewing and spirit travel.



Oct :

Mushroom i.d and foraging , Scout and weapons training , bows , archery , spears , traps , catapults , hunting techniques , routines of invisibility , stalking , stealth movement , camouflage .


Cost : 2200 for the year - you can pay in installments if you wish per month  .

All food will be provided and camping .

Deposit of 400 should be paid to confirm your place .


Send to Mr J Tidd 07033203 089249 .


Please call me if you have any questions 07474159371 JOHNNY

We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at

Or tel on : 07474159371