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Homeschooling in the West Country

Testimonials : I know johnny and he was teaching my Grandson how to survive in the wilderness. And he loved it. And he loves him. He is very kind and patient. And a real gentleman. Sheila Gilbert .

Johnny is a beautiful soul who has a great knowledge to share , with humbleness and powerful capacities .. my workshop in Thailand with him was lovely .. I hope I will have the chance to attend more ♥️ Stefania Quagliuolo

Wildearthproject has a huge interest in creating an extensive and broad educational system . We hope to enrol the children longterm  in order to optimise their progress in nature connection and paleolithic earth living skills . Staying with the program longterm is where the real evolution and progress in the kids can be clearly witnessed . This program has been tried and tested in other Bushcraft schools with powerful results, culminating in the kids having real purpose and a sense of who they are and their place on this planet . Whatever the children carry on to do in society , they will forever take with them these life affirming skills in their hearts.

These events will support the kids  , not only through physical skills that they will learn, but mentally and  internally , generating vitality at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. They will be more happy , confident , empathic and grateful for life generally !  


Also its a school that is deeply interwoven with indigenous wisdom and spiritual techniques. We put a great emphasis on the spirit skills as they are completely aligned with the physical skills, you cannot have one without the other we believe. These teachings have been passed down to me , from an Apache Elder ,  Stalking Wolf,  who also couldn't emphasise this enough.


We aim to give you and the children a teaching system that will get them to think for themselves. we will be there as guides to show them the way , but in the end its up to them to work out the mysteries of the natural world . 

We are a paleolithic school looking to enhance people's lives through working with the earth around us , slowly building up an encyclopedia of knowledge about the natural world , expanding our confidence , our zest for life and inspiring us to live and dream more . 


We will slowly cover all the subjects of thriving in the wild , including fire , water , foraging , herbalism , archery , bows , arrows , baskets , shelter , trapping , tracking, stalking , stealth movement , camouflage, bird language amongst many other sub-topics of survival .


There is a possibility to engage with  specialised teachers who are invited onto the course sometimes. These teachers have specific knowledge on other topics like anthropology , history, and science , broadening the scope of what we can teach them .

 Other subjects that we could propose  focusing on utilising the natural world around us :

 Music , nature art  , tai chi , journalling , writing poetry, painting .


As they grow up with the school , into teen years , we can offer them assistant jobs with Wildearth so it can become a career choice if they wish to go that way . With the teens also we will start to introduce rites of passage , particularly challenging weekends , with rituals /ceremonies involving  all the family to be there and co -create , the coming of their age.

We are looking for ages of 5-18 , we would split these age groups if there is enough children , giving the teenagers more challenging skills to work on , gaining momentum in each subject .Over time as they progress with their learning , the kids are offered the opportunity to assist us on the course. It is very important to provide role models and inspiration to the younger kids that are studying.

It would be great if we could get a bunch of kids to stay and study with us over many years .

** Please write back to us , through e mail or the FB page with your thoughts and expectations of what it could look like, how long each event should be and how much you can afford .

 ** I want to focus on meeting every week or every two weeks for an afternoon or a day at a time.

Pricing : 

Generally it will be around 25 pounds a day depending on the duration of the events and what skills are taught .

Maybe a half day could be around 17 .

I will work out my diesel cost as an extra .

Times : 

Usually a day event will run from 10 am to 4 pm 


** Please contact us for more info and feedback ...click here



We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at bluemoon_johnny@yahoo.co.uk.

Or tel on : 07474159371