Date :  August 17- 20  , 2020  

Ages : All ages welcome , adults too ,welcome to send them alone if you wish also, but the experience is better shared !  4-6  accompanied with parents, or speak to us if your child wants to come alone within this age bracket .


Time : Every day starts at 10.00 am approx after breakfast and finishes at 10 pm .

You can come for as many days as you wish , you can pay per day .

Location :

Come join us in the beautiful hills of Huntley in West Gloucestershire on a colossal 1500 acre piece of land with a sunset hill point , a witches cave , monk-jack ..its very wild !

There are outdoor toilets , with an indoor space for cooking and hanging out if its really bad weather .


There is no light pollution or felling from mankind , the forest has been left untouched , this is true wilderness ! 


Why come to the  4 day family camp?

We have a great emphasis on community and connection with each other and the world around us , creating bonds that last forever , within your family and circling back to nature and all that surrounds you . These bonds are essential for our well-being and to live lives  with a deeper purpose and meaning.

Family camps can be very powerful, deepening the connections between the whole family. Getting ourselves

back to being in tune with nature, can be very emotional and challenging, but will always bring us a deep

sense of elation and belonging in the end, which is so important now we are in this new technological era.

Be prepared to switch off your phones for 1-4 days , and tune out of all your troubles , stresses and daily

thoughts ! This is a immersive nature retreat to get you back to yourself and de- stress!

Learning Bushcraft will make you a stronger person, nature will make you more patient , focused , and aware . Connecting with animals and plants will deepen your empathy for the planet and thus create respectful and responsible adults that will take care of our planet rather than abuse it , as we see now .

Children and parents can strengthen their bonds, this is a deep and powerful course for every family to come together and re-connect, so especially on these 4 day camps we have a lot of time to experience many things together and you will take back home  so many wonderful and joyous memories.


By the end of this course you will be on your way to know how to thrive out in the wild, we will give you a lot of knowledge on how to commune with our earth in a real and dynamic way.

This course is designed to be intensive and to slowly remove and shred those layers of city life that are in the way of us finding our true selves.

The evenings will be for playing music, singing and storytelling around the fire and of course primitive


This is really a fun packed week away, it's going to be magikal ! There will be time for you and time for your kids run free and time for all of you to play together, leaving you with the most enchanted feeling inside and out .

There will also be some time for the adults to be heard and for conversation to be opened up around

parenting and indigenous ways about bringing up your children. This is very important as now we see a

huge disconnection in modern society between us and our beloved ones.

Schedule :  For full schedule click here :


Day 1 : EAST : Hazards and Inspiration
Talking circle , gratitude prayer, sit spot 
Cordage : Learn how to make rope from bark or plant fibres
Sit spot fox walk , owl eyes ,Stalking and routines of invisibility
Founders story
Hazards: Toxic plants, animals
Fire making : Bow drill , fire by friction, how to make fire and

care take fire .

Day 2: SOUTH : Mammals ,Tracking and Focus

Sit spot meditation
Tracking real animals, stickdrag .
Animal forms and gaits
Sit spot - Imagine u are animal
Hunting techniques 
Field guides and journalling
Fire - bow drill  

Day 3 : WEST : Community and Ecology

Sit spot meditation 
Peacemaker story - caretaking nature and animals 
Water: learn how to filtrate water and find water in the nature
Orienteering - Using  Intuiton / instincts  
Blindfold night walk 

Ceremony - gratitude and music / fire .

Day 4 : North 

Day 5: NORTH survival; trees, birds, scouting
Debris hut building a shelter
Stalk a robin/bird
Nature art 
Bird language skills: 5 voices
Archery practise 
Blindfold night games
Capture the flag


Booking Form : Please fill out the form prior to event:


Payment : 

Lunch and dinner is included , bring your own breakfast goodies please , we ask if you are paying the lowest cost for the course to bring some veg/rice etc   , we will cook communally together for most meals .

Prices : Please pay what you can, whatever your situation may be at this time of payment, we are an all inclusive school, and want everyone to experience these teachings.

Please e mail us if you have financial problems .

High/waged income - Full time job 

Pay per day . Cost per person -adult or child - £ 85

Family together - £ 75 each 

Low income - some financial difficulties : 

Pay per day . Cost per person - adult or child -£75

Benefits / furlough /unemployed  : 

Pay per day . Cost per person - each adult or child - £65


If you would like to pay in installments over 3 months -1 year months please contact us .

 ***** Please send a bank transfer or deposit TO COMFIRM YOUR PLACE of 50 pounds for each student to  

Send us an e-mail  please with how many people are coming and so we can send you finalised details about the camp and all the logistics / kit list etc .


We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at bluemoon_johnny@yahoo.co.uk.

Or tel on : 07474159371