Kids half term/holiday camps :


Clubs will be starting in the easter hols , leading into half terms and

then the summer hols , so keep your eyes peeled !  We will be

hosting mainly in Stoke Estate forest  very near Bristol. city centre .

We cater for all ages from 5 upwards! Are your kids ready!

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What is involved at Day Clubs:

We are a hands-on, practical based Bushcraft school (not a forest school) and there a big difference......we really know how to

survive in the wild and will teach the most valuable skills of thriving in nature. We aim to give full responsibility to your kids

straight away with safe and precise rules and boundaries , empowering them, and leaving them feeling confident innately,

because they accomplished the tasks and challenges all on their own. 

All our day clubs will be packed full of games and fun and will run most of the day usually from 1030 am - 430 pm . We will let the kids run wild but we will also teach them about respect, care-taking, listening , gratitude and many other important values that are so missing in our society today.

The days will be filled with historical , cultural and anthropological storytelling and information, this is our forte and our main aim, 

to give a well rounded education system, where they go home with valuable skills that have real meaning and value to them, if they

ever need to use them in real life .


Wildearthproject provides an alternative nature based school full of guidance with hands on ,pragmatic learning about the natural

world ,waiting to be discovered and unveiled by our students.


There will be time to play , learn and make new friends and connections all under the forest canopy!

For the calmness of your minds - we are all DBS checked and first aid qualified

Payment : If anyone is unemployed or on very low income please email us, otherwise

tickets are on eventbrite ..

What to bring:

Children need to bring a packed lunch, suitable outdoor footwear and a coat/waterproof .

These are the events FOR 2020...

Make an Arrowhead- Flintknapping Feb 21 Ages 6 and up 

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Ages 6 and up April 6 

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Carve your Own Spoon

Ages 6 and up  

Feb 22

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Swords and Hazel Bows 

Feb 20 and 23

Only Kids 

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Home ed event 

9 April 

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3 day family camp 

10 - 13 April

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We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at

Or tel on : 07474159371