Mushroom/Berries/Bows  3 day event 

Oct 8 - 10 

Our Vision And The Course :

Anyone can come for this weekend no pre-requisites needed...

Autumn is here and there's a wonderful bounty and abundance of food to delight our taste buds and see us through the winter . We shall delve into mushrooms , berries , plants , nuts and roots. Winter is also a time to get real stealthy and get your ninja skills polished up , because as Paleolithic hunter gatherers , this was our time to store and process large amounts of food. We shall be talking about this process a lot and experiencing it for ourselves first hand.

We run a Paleolithic Survival School , steeped in cultural re-generation , remembering and re – connecting with ancient knowledge and wisdom accumulated from tribes and native people all over the world . The emphasis is on wilderness earth living skills and being able to thrive easily in any terrain.

Dates :

March 19-21 in Gloucestershire - Fire / Flint / Wild food 

May 30 -2 in Gloucestershire - Spirit Philosophy
June 11-13 in Devon  - Coastal Foraging
Oct 8-10 in Gloucestershire- Mushrooms/Berries/Bows

Cost : See at bottom of page 

Who this for : Adults only 

Schedule outline :


Friday Morning : Wild food walk - Mushroom i.d and foraging for berries , nuts , seeds ,and general food  preparation for winter. Scurrying away our food in Autumn gives us plenty of time to relax during Winter and sleep a lot! we will make 2 walks during the day , and go over approximately 12-15 plants , berries, nuts etc , after the second walk we will take a rest , journal and draw what we have found .

We will make a drying rack and make some fruit leather and dry some meats , showing you the methods of food preservation .

Evening: Fire , dinner , night game .

Saturday : Morning - Wild food walk again to go over the plants , berries etc so we make sure they are firmly in your heads! 

Afternoon : The way of the Scout has a huge emphasis on routines of invisibility , stalking , stealth movement and camouflage . There will be night games and wars beware!  The scouts were trained to get in and out of any situation , and most likely out of life threatening ones, they were masters of their environment , never leaving a trace , not even a foot print , shrouded in mystery and in spirit .They took off to live in lands that no other human could survive in . We will enquire and seek to harness this knowledge and wisdom , to merge ourselves even deeper into oneness , where we are moving as silently as an owl and aware as a wolf .

These are some of my favourite skills to learn and harness, they take us into deep nature connection, keeping us on our tiptoes , aware, silent and connected with Spirit.

Evening : Dinner , fire , talk and discussion on winter living .

Sunday, Morning : Bows  

Come And Learn The Fine And Primal Art Of Crafting A Bow

 learn how to make a flat/long hunting bow of around 20-25 pounds , this is the crudest form of a bow and is the easiest, quickest to make and is very important to learn when you are in dire circumstances! 
 I will give a full axe and draw knife safety lecture, and explain proper use of them. Then you will start to work on your own piece of seasoned hazel , and i will take you through all the processes of layering out the bow ,shaping the profile,and tillering. Under full guidance ,you will slowly wittle away your own bow . We will endeavour to give you a solid foundation of bow making from start to finish so you can go home and make more!

Afternoon: Archery and the use of bows in hunting situations, bow and arrow war , in two teams shooting arrows with felt tips , yes loads of fun and gets your vision into shooting moving targets .

5 pm : time to go and pack up ! 

Cost : Please write to us if you have financial difficulties .

Price for the whole year : 

Unemployed / benefits : 1,080 pounds 

Waged /employed : 1,200 

Total amount can be paid for the year if you wish immediately

 Deposit of 400 should be paid to confirm your place for the year. The full amount can also paid in installments throughout the year .

Prices for each 3 day event : 

Sliding scale : Unemployed / Benefits : 270

Waged / Employed : 300


Please send all payments to :   

Send to Mr J Tidd 07033203 089249 . with reference of the course .


Please call me if you have any questions about payment / installments or general queries : 07474159371 JOHNNY

 or e mail us at


Refunds : 100 % refund will be given if cancellation is 3 weeks before the start of the course  , 50 % refund will be given back 2 weeks before course starts , 0 % if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the course starting .

We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at

Or tel on : 07474159371