Spirit Philosophy 3 Day Event

 May 30 -2 nd  2021 

Our Vision And The Course :

Anyone can come for this weekend no pre-requisites needed...

These spiritual skills have grown out of living in harmony with the earth and we wish to honour our earth connection in order to expand our experience into the realms of spirit in a grounded way.
The focus of this course is on the philosophy skills rather than survival. We encourage full participation with all activities and ask for some assistance with basic food preparation and camp duties.

We run a Paleolithic Survival School , steeped in cultural re-generation , remembering and re – connecting with ancient knowledge and wisdom accumulated from tribes and native people all over the world . The emphasis is on wilderness earth living skills and being able to thrive easily in any terrain.


This is the third weekend in the two year course that will give you advanced knowledge of your place in nature , you will discover what your own personal medecine is and what gifts and talents you want to bring forth to the world and to this tribe and planet.

Have you ever wanted to be a completely autonomous individual who can tap into their wisdom any time, any place, The Spirit That Moves In and Through All Things can be communicated with at all times . Come and talk and commune with the greatest power we have on this planet.
This short and powerful workshop with attune you to spirit, nature  and your soul .
Do have a important question you need answered ?  Do you want to find out your purpose in life? Do you need to know how to heal your relationsip with your father ? confused or indescisive about something? 
Then this course is for you ..Discover the hidden power of your innate wisdom within yourself that is directly connected to all of existence, the spirit worlds and your guides .
It is time and the age to become empowered and find the secrets of the Great Mystery on your own, no books ,no guru's, no psychologists, no doctor's . Its all inside of you .
Overview and results of workshop :
* Lectures on Shamanism , spirit communication , brain wave states and indigenous principals. 
* Learn about the power of Prayer, intention and gratitude .
* There will be a guided shamanic meditation which is called the Sacred Silence where all things can be known and seen or heard . 
* Tree meditation and ritual , to who you can ask your question .
* Learn one of the most powerful meditation journey's to silence the mind .

Dates :

March 19-21 in Gloucestershire - Fire / Flint / Wild food 

May 30 -2 in Gloucestershire - Spirit Philosophy
June 11-13 in Devon  - Coastal Foraging
Oct 8-10 in Gloucestershire- Mushrooms/Berries/Bows

Cost : See at bottom of page 

Who this for : Adults only 

Schedule outline : 

June 11-13 : Spirit skills weekend : Spirit Philosophy 1 Philosophy 1 will teach you how to connect with the-spirit-that-moves-through-all-things, the world of the unseen and eternal and you will learn how to interact in that world, how to know if a plants edible or medicinal, how to know where the nearest pack of deer's are, how to use your body as an oracle to answer questions and many more pure but simple techniques to enrich your life, in ways you could never imagine.
This course begins our work with spirit. These teachings are the distillation of an ancient Lipan Apache lineage honed and simplified by a remarkable elder called Stalking Wolf. Stalking Wolf had a vision of finding the universal truths that run through all philosophies and religions.

Day 1 : Morning : Sit spot meditation: ritual , introspection , gratitude / grief .  

Opening circle , gratitude circle talking stick .

Afternoon: The four worlds and spirit communication , how when , why and what for ? We will delve into intuition the higher self and how our lives can be transformed getting connected to ourselves and everything else around us .

Grandfathers sacred silence:  This is the foundation of all of our work with nature , ourselves and the spirit world all around us  . This meditation is the most powerful way i have ever come across to get connected immediately, it never fails . Its a dynamic journey full of practical Jedi techniques that will enhance and transform your every day life forever, this is truly the cornerstone of the lineage . We shall take time journal and reflect on the meditation .

Evening: Fire dinner / storytelling 


Day 2 : Morning: Sit spot meditation ritual , introspection , gratitude , stretching. Opening circle , gratitude circle talking stick .

Plant communication / Inner vision  ... we will sit with the plants and merge with their spirits and speak to them directly . Inner vision is pure magic and is connected with the whole universe, we will start to learn how to receive messages from all around us opening yourselves up to the greater powers and wisdom  .

Afternoon : Vision Walk.  Learn to use nature as our guide and wisdom keeper , a pure mirror for our souls , take this opportunity to seek the answer to any question in the world that we need to know the answer for . This is a truly miraculous ritual that you can take with you back home forever more, again realigning us and reaffirming that we are taken care of and nurtured in any situation .


Evening: Fire / Primitive cooking / storytelling
Day 3 : Morning : Sit spot meditation , stretching. Opening circle , gratitude circle talking stick .
Afternoon : The spirit that moves in and through all things : Finding what you need in nature using body talk . We will take a journey through a story that you will put yourselves in to experience body talk , how the subconscious speaks to us through messages , visions, signs , symbols and dreams . You will be given tasks of finding water or certain animals through body talk . 
Spirit walk : Learn how to come out of your body easily and see what's around you ! This is so much fun and a skill that comes in handy in multiple situations. 
Journalling .
Evening: Fire , dinner 

Day 3Gratitude circle 

Cost : Please write to us if you have financial difficulties .

Price for the whole year : 

Unemployed / benefits : 1,080 pounds 

Waged /employed : 1,200 

Total amount can be paid for the year if you wish immediately

 Deposit of 400 should be paid to confirm your place for the year. The full amount can also paid in installments throughout the year .

Prices for each 3 day event : 

Sliding scale : Unemployed / Benefits : 270

Waged / Employed : 300


Please send all payments to :   

Send to Mr J Tidd 07033203 089249 . with reference of the course .


Please call me if you have any questions about payment / installments or general queries : 07474159371 JOHNNY

 or e mail us at


Refunds : 100 % refund will be given if cancellation is 3 weeks before the start of the course  , 50 % refund will be given back 2 weeks before course starts , 0 % if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the course starting .

We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at

Or tel on : 07474159371