Weekend one : Wild Food/ Fire / Flint

March 19-21 2021 

Our Vision And The Course :

This is the first course of eight over the next two years , dont worry its very flexible, you can come as many workshops as you wish.

We run a Paleolithic Survival School , steeped in cultural re-generation , remembering and re – connecting with ancient knowledge and wisdom accumulated from tribes and native people all over the world . The emphasis is on wilderness earth living skills and being able to thrive easily in any terrain.


This two year course will give you a advanced knowledge of your place in nature , you will discover what your own personal medecine is and what gifts and talents you want to bring forth to the world and to this tribe and planet. We will cover a huge amount of subjects giving you a huge tool box and encyclopedia of knowledge, so you can go on to specialise in any of these skills as a career or just as a hobby .There will be 8 weekends of practical and hands on experiential learning , expanding our capacity to face new challenges and push through our fears of the wild and the unknown frontiers of the wilderness . Our minds and spirits will be purified and strengthened and in peace by the end of the year , with a feeling of overwhelming bliss and belonging , to the people on the course ,to all of humanity and to all the other species living with us on this earth  

Dates for first year course :

March 19-21 in Gloucestershire - Fire / Flint / Wild food 

May 30 -2 in Gloucestershire - Spirit Philosophy
June 11-13 in Devon  - Coastal Foraging
Oct 8-10 in Gloucestershire- Mushrooms/Berries/Bows

Cost : See at bottom of page 

Who this for : Adults only 

Schedule outline : 

March 19 - 21 : Day 1  : Wild food : Its a wonderful time of year, and its one of the most abundant times on the calendar. Nature always provides and this walk will start to show you her beautiful miracles of how easy it to sustain ourselves on plants only . We will start with a walk for an hour or so , learning round 7 or so plants , then walk again to re-cap on what we have just found , so you will really get to know these plants in situ and so be able to I.D them clearly and precisely.

Schedule for the day :

Morning : Opening talk , Gratitude circle , talking stick , sit spot meditation .

Afternoon : Wild food walk , wild food feast , drawing and journalling the plants . 

Afternoon: Plant spirit meditation and  ritual . Connect with the essence of the plant world , through a simple journey and exercise to bridge the worlds of humans and earth spirits .

Evening : Dinner / storytelling / fire 

Day 2 : Wild food  and Master Fire class day

Morning :Sit spot meditation / stretching ...

More wild food and a re-cap on the plants we learnt from the previous day .
Afternoon : Bow drill is one of the most primitive ways to make fire , there will be a demo and lecture on the history of fire and paleolithic / neolithic technology.

We shall spend some time with flint and steel .
Guidance on caretaking fire , tinder bundles and general information on woods and types of fire for different situations will be talked about .
This is one of the most exciting bushcraft days you can experience. Come set your world on fire and rub sticks together to make a coal using the bow drill !

Evening: Primitive cooking / fire

Day 3 : Come and discover the Paleolithic way to make a arrowhead , by flint knapping ( the art of working flint ).
 We will delve into Paleolithic history and re tell the stories of ancient hunter gatherers while we craft and work .

Morning :  Sit spot meditation / stretching ... Making a glass arrowhead , learning the basics on glass first is essential to make mistakes on and learn to utilise all the tools  before setting to work on a flint arrowhead. This is really a creative and fun day .

Afternoon: Flint knapping ! welcome to the very tricky art and science behind making Paleolithic tools. It for sure is a deep rabbit hole and one that conjures mystery and devotion in all of us , how did they make such beautiful tools from nothing ? without any teachers? Its a miracle really as you jump down that hole! What a creative pursuit it is and I hope many of you go on to master it...its been a huge part of my life for some years .

Evening: Fire / Night games 


Cost : Please write to us if you have financial difficulties .

Price for the whole year : 

Unemployed / benefits : 1,080 pounds 

Waged /employed : 1,200 

Total amount can be paid for the year if you wish immediately

 Deposit of 400 should be paid to confirm your place for the year. The full amount can also paid in installments throughout the year .

Prices for each 3 day event : 

Sliding scale : Unemployed / Benefits : 270

Waged / Employed : 300


Please send all payments to :   

Send to Mr J Tidd 07033203 089249 . with reference of the course .


Please call me if you have any questions about payment / installments or general queries : 07474159371 JOHNNY

 or e mail us at


Refunds : 100 % refund will be given if cancellation is 3 weeks before the start of the course  , 50 % refund will be given back 2 weeks before course starts , 0 % if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the course starting .

We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at

Or tel on : 07474159371