Earth living skills 


Weekend 4 : Coastal Foraging / Tracking

June 11-13    3 DAY EVENT 

WHERE :   Crackington Haven , Devon

Accomodation : Camping in tents at a campsite .

Anyone can come for this weekend no pre-requisites needed...


Amongst playing , sunbathing and walking in this exquisite area of outstanding beauty ,  we will take a look at the fields and forest around the beach , the beach plants and of course the seaweeds . You will not believe the flavours to experience down there and you will not want to come back !

There's something that wants to keep us down by the ocean's shores , and it's not only the sun , surf and relaxed feeling , there's something in our soul that comes alive with the ocean , playing and swimming amongst the seaweed fronds and rocks and identifying all the strange little creatures in the rockpools....


We will learn to cook wonderful recipes from all the plants and seaweeds  that we have found along our way ,  creating the most succulent wild food dishes , all the while getting replenished by the sea air and expansive views of the ocean.

We will also forage for plants and flowers in the forest  with possibility of berries and mushrooms to ! 

The kids will have plenty to do and be amused by ! Nature giving us a deep happiness that we can't really get from anything else , and so going back home completely revived , feeling alive and full of well being ! 

In this course you will gain knowledge in:

* Foraging and plant conservation , safety guidelines and rules 
* Poisonous and edible seaweeds and plants
* Tides and moon cycles 
* Natural habitats
* Preparation and cooking of coastal wild food 


 Dates for the year Course: March 19-21 in Gloucestershire 
                                             June 11-13 in Gloucestershire
                                             July 23-25 in Devon
                                             Oct 8-10 in Gloucestershire

Schedule :

FRIDAY : Dinner , fire, opening circle . 

Saturday morning:

9 am : Wake up , have breakfast , make fire and have talking circle.

10 am : Stretching , tai chi .

10 30 am : Get ready to go down to the ocean for first wild food walk.

1 pm lunch 

2 pm : Wild food walk

4 30 pm : Swimming , sunbathing

6 pm sunset , primitive fire making and wild food dinner .



9 am fire , breakfast

10 am stretching , animal yoga

10 30 am wild food walk

1130 lunch 

130 pm walk along the jurassic coast and wild food walk

4 pm pack up and prepare to leave camp

Cost : Please write to us if you have financial difficulties .

Price for the whole year : 

Unemployed / benefits : 1,080 pounds 

Waged /employed : 1,200 

Total amount can be paid for the year if you wish immediately

 Deposit of 400 should be paid to confirm your place for the year. The full amount can also paid in installments throughout the year .

Prices for each 3 day event : 

Sliding scale : Unemployed / Benefits : 270

Waged / Employed : 300


Please send all payments to :   

Send to Mr J Tidd 07033203 089249 . with reference of the course .


Please call me if you have any questions about payment / installments or general queries : 07474159371 JOHNNY

 or e mail us at


Refunds : 100 % refund will be given if cancellation is 3 weeks before the start of the course  , 50 % refund will be given back 2 weeks before course starts , 0 % if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the course starting .

We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at

Or tel on : 07474159371