On-Line Wild Food Course  

On-line Wild Food Course 

Welcome to our online Camp , to get you out of the house , your head in a hedgerow and a full belly packed with incredibly healthy nutrients , vitamins and minerals !

Discover your backyard , the wilderness and the wild places with your children , and bury your head into the amazing wonderful and vibrant world of plants ! Start to see the change in your kids after just a few weeks of going for walks into nature with real purpose! You will be surprised that they will be eating healthy nutritious food in a matter of days ! Thats the beauty of wild food : picking , processing and harvesting wild plants gets you nature connected , empowered and with a spring in your step ,thats right its that simple! Picking wild food releases a small amount of dopamine , thats the same thing as getting a text or a like on FB !

Parents , you are welcome to join in to , no previous experience is necessary , just a wild food book and a notebook to buy and away you go . You will find that the world of plants and wild food for eating and for medicine are just outside your door , in our parks , down every street and out there in the forests , in full abundance ! This course will transform you and your child's world . 

We welcome you to join us for 3 seasons of wild food learning , especially with lockdowns , this kind of practical engaged learning is so important , to keep away anxiety, stress , laziness and apathy for all of us .

The first season starts now in March and runs for 8 weeks , then the next season in June and the last one in September . By the end of the year you will have learnt around 48 plants , from the coast , river estuaries, forests and beaches . 

We have to get ourselves and our kids outdoors more , we can no longer wait for the government to look after our health of which they are doing a very bad job and they have stripped nature away from us slowly over hundreds of years , lets beat them and truly empower ourselves to live self sustainably from the wild !!

Wild Food Schedule and what you need to buy 

All the videos will be uploaded and sent to you once the payment is made with recipes , tonnes of info and a guide on how to find the plants! Get ready to discover a new world all around you ! The videos are very simple and easy to learn from , there will be 8 videos for each season and an e mail with one of my favourite recipes to make ! There will be worksheets and PDF'S sent out , if you wish to be outdoors and  study without a phone ! 

Please buy a blank notebook and this wild food book before you start the course ok , this is essential and only costs £ 5.40 !

Here the link for the book : https://www.amazon.co.uk/Food-Free-Collins-Richard-Mabey/dp/0007183038

Pay Now one season at a time or all three !

Cost per child for each season : 30 pounds 

With an adult : 50 pounds

For 3 seasons - each child : 90 pounds

With adult - 135 pounds 

Just click on Paypal button and add up what you want to pay .


Spring Greens Season

Learn 16 fiery ,vibrant plants to purify , clean out and upload our sleep bodies from Winter , add them to salads and make soups !

Coastal Foraging 

Discover wild food at the beach and up the river estuaries , swim amongst the giants of the oceans and adventure in your car to the nearest coast line !

Autumnal Season 

Harvest and squirrel away your own store of nuts , seeds and berries , and wow are we gonna make some amazing recipes with these! 

Who's this for:

From 4 years and upwards , toddlers will also absolutely love this program! 

How it works : 

1 ) Sign up to the online wild food course and make the payment , make sure that you join in March for season 1 , or June for season 2 and September for season 3 . It doesnt matter exactly which week you join up in those months .

2) You will get an e mail of confirmation, then the first video and pdf 's will be sent out , once you accomplish that mission, e mail us  we will send you the next one  .

3) We recommend guiding your kids through it and of course joining them on the adventure into the parks , forests and wilderness to learn .

4) Have fun !!

We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at bluemoon_johnny@yahoo.co.uk.

Or tel on : 07474159371