Our Story / Vision

Our Vision
WeWe want to expose young people to the wonder and power of the natural environment, and to use wilderness experiences as metaphors for personal transformation.

For now we are based in and around Bristol until recently we have confirmed a huge piece of land ,consisting of 1500 acres of  land in Gloucestershire , so we will start to run bigger events there this summer .  The land is semi natural ancient woodland as it has had trees on it continually since the 16 century, there are many animals for tracking and beautiful wild walks .

We would love to find a home - ed group to take on who live around the Bristol area , but otherwise anyone over 6 years old can come , for the 5 day events you can even leave your children with us  .

All the teachers are DBS certified and first aid trained , we also have public liability for all accidents , cuts, burns and falls.

We will open your eyes to the natural world , filling you with wonder and awe , and a new lease for life , whether you want to mentor your children in these skills and games or just to experience for yourself , it doesnt matter it will change your life ! 

The courses are energetic, fun- filled days of life affirming skills and games that inspire growth,knowledge and imagination for you and your children . We put a great emphasis on learning survival skills as they are pragmatic and useful to so many situations that life throws at us .They also have the building blocks within them to develop great leadership skills, awareness and confidence which enables us to be more comfortable in ourselves and the natural world.

There is the sacred order of things in the wilderness: shelter , water, fire , food and through these subjects we will learn to thrive in nature with a as little tools from western civilisation as possible, relying on our knowledge of place and common sense .We increase functional intelligence and brain networks, expanding the senses and enlivening the spirit through play and alone time . A rich oral tradition of storytelling will be passed down to the students so they can identify with and tap into our ancestral past in which hide the original codes of how we are meant to be living on this planet.

Aspects and lessons on care-taking , respect of each other and the planet , and many other values will be passed down , and are paramount to the teachings that we give .

Indigenous knowledge is being lost at an exponential rate, we believe if these skills aren't practised again by humans the world will turn on its head ,  from the first day of humans on this planet , from the  Aboriginals and other tribes ,  have tried to pass down to us the wisdom of the ages , of nature connection and of living solely from the land . 
It is our mission that these skills and principals will never be lost again .

Johnny Tidd , head instructor has obsessively been studying for 10 years , he has made it his mission / vision / purpose to live as closely with the earth as possible  for all the indigenous people who have been killed in our history , he holds the flag for them .

While the modern education system has a lot to offer, there are limitations within it, being that the younger generations now are losing their common sense and their instincts. More importantly  they are not getting much, if not any outdoor time running wild and free as they should be. This has all now been verified by scientists. This leaves a huge empty hole in a child’s world, missing out on that deep seated need to create their bond with the animals,nature,trees,fire,water....and the list goes on and on.

Wild Earth wants to re-unite the world with their birth right which is to be able to live comfortably with the earth and all the animals within it.

We have courses to quench your thirst for outdoor living, leaving you satisfied and fulfilled, but hungering for more. Our range of courses satisfy every individuals needs, whatever age you are. With our guidance you can advance in many techniques, up to a level where you will feel truly at one with the earth.

All these skills have been passed down from indigenous cultures all over the world , tried and tested by time and 1000’s of years of experimentation.

Head Instructor :

Courses studied :

Tom Brown school in USA with renowned tracker for CIA and shamanic teacher .

Courses :

Standard bushcraft

Advanced bushcraft

Native American storytelling

High speed survival

Philosophy 1,2

Advanced tracking and awareness

Guardians of ceremony


Wild food teacher training, 1 year training: : 2017 with Ffyona Campbell

3 years of Bow making at festivals .


Jon young coyote school : USA

Trained in bird language and kamana series 1

Rick Berry children of the Earth Foundation : 2014 USA for 1 week …Full teacher training for kids.


Trackways in uk : 2011

1 year course , in survival skills and bushcraft/shamanism

Johnny tidd will deliver a series of courses from the basics up to advanced levels in many different primitive subjects , including, nature connection work , ecology , meditation , communing with the divine and with nature , indigenous law and principals of living in harmony with each other and this planet , bows , archery, spears , catapults , traps , baiting , coastal foraging , wild food , herbalism , tee i.d and usage , tracking, stone tools ,stealth movement, camouflage , stalking , bird language and hunting to name a few.. .

He has had an unquenchable thirst for this path for the last 7 years and can deliver expert advice on all these primitive subjects, he has lived in the jungles of Mexico and has studied all over the world, always pushing himself further towards being able to completely thrive in the wild.

Johnny has already worked in various survival schools in USA and UK assisting on a huge variety of courses and workshops.

Our aim is to give you and your children a teaching system that will get them and you thinking for yourselves, with the instructors there to guide you on your unique path to understanding the mysteries of the natural world


Awaken your senses and spirit to the earth

While the modern education system has a lot to offer there are limitations, the younger generations have been losing the opportunity to develop their instincts and common sense. More importantly the outdoor time spent running wild and free as they should be is no longer an everyday part of life for many children. A scientific studies have shown that nature is our saviour to many of our problems. This leaves a huge hole in a childs world, missing out on that deep seated need to create their bond with the animals, plants, trees, fire, water that sustain life.


These skills the instructors will impart to you will bring you closer to self reliance, confidence, knowledge, empathy, strength and wisdom. We hope you will discover a lost and vital part of yourself by connecting with the landscape and the environment.​

Why take a course with WILDEARTH?




We are based in and around the Bristol area , with permanent land in Gloucestershire .

For any questions please e-mail us at bluemoon_johnny@yahoo.co.uk.

Or tel on : 07474159371